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2014 - 2015 ACERS Teams

Here are the teams for the 2014 - 2015 season.  You will be able to find schedules, standings, statistics, and general information about each team via the Links on the left.

If you want more information about one of the ACERS teams please contact the respective coach. If you'd like to discuss general information about the organization you can contact our Vice Presidient Michelle Petrovich.

Look for the Orange and Green!

The Acers Organization will be fielding 10 teams for the 2014/2015.  The teams are listed below with contact info for the coach.

10u - 05-- Matt Muxen (253) 370-8305 /
                  Anna Knull  (206) 510-3638 /

The goal for the first year 10U 05 team is to introduce girls (D.O.B. 2004/2005) to select softball. This program will be a modified select program, practicing October -November then picking up again in January. We will play 6-7 tournaments in the spring (March-June). We will stress fundamentals and player development in the Fall and Winter, building up to and stressing game situations as well as learning the "little things" and mental aspects as we get into tournaments play. We will be practicing 1-2 days a week in the fall and 2 times a week in the spring. All positions will be open. 

Please contact Matt or Anna for private tryout!

10U - '04 -- Rick Palmer

The Acers 10U program is coming off an amazing year culminating in a State Championship at both ASA and NSA.  We have a core of players and coaches that are ready to make another run at an outstanding 2014/2015 10U season.

We stress a pyramid approach to learning the game, starting with a foundational fundamental base in the Fall and Winter, buidling up to and stressing game situations as well as learning the "little things" and mental aspects as we get into tourmament play in the Fall. In addition, we stress the importance of teamwork, attitude, hard work, FUN, and many other life lessons along the way.

As part of the Acer organization you will have access to professional training and lessons through Anderton Sports.

This team will compete at the highest level.  We are mainly looking for 2004 birth year athletes, but will consider 2005's as well.  All positions are open at this time, we are especially looking for catchers!

12U - '03 -- Michelle Higa 206-999-1476
                   Heather Nadeau   503-997-0212

Acers 12U 03' will be a first year 12U team and will register as "B" however will play in some "A" tournaments.  We plan on carrying 12-13 girls and playing a competitive schedule which includes 2-3 fall tournaments and 9-10 spring/summer tournaments which will include ASA/NSA State, and may include Regionals and Western Nationals. We will plan on at least 3 travel tournaments. We will practice 2 days a week with 1 additional day as optional.

We are looking for 03' girls who are passionate about softball, working hard and having fun. Girls need to understand high expectations, strong core values and exhibit a willingness to learn and be coached. Looking to add 4-5 players, preferably catcher, outfield and pitcher.


Wednesday, August 6th 6-6:30pm Pitchers and Catchers; 6:30-8:30 all other positions @ GSA Field #2 in Auburn, WA Friday, August 8th 6-6:30pm Pitchers and Catchers;  6:30-8:30 all other positions @ GSA in Auburn, WA Saturday, August 9th from 9:30am-10:00am Pitchers and Catchers;  10:00-12:00pm all other positions @ GSA in Auburn, WA

12U - '02 -- Dave Loveless

Acers 12U 02' will be a 2nd year 12U that will be playing 12A as well as selected 14U Tournaments.  ACERS 12U 02' will be practicing 2-3 days a week with focus on fundamentals, player instruction and developlement. ACERS 12U 02' will be using Mark Anderton with Anderton Sports for team hitting and will be using a Speed/Agility coach to focus on running form, speed techniques and to improve quickness. ACERS 12U 02' will play 2 fall tournaments and 10-12 spring/summer tournaments that will include ASA/NSA State as well as going to 12A Western Nationals in Clovis, CA

14U - '01 -- Mark Liljenberg

Head Coach Mark Liljenberg will be fielding a strong first year 14U team with a very competitive tournament schedule!   All positions will be considered.

14U '00 -- Beau Porter

We are seeking high level 2000 and 2001 players that have the desire to compete at the highest level. ACERS 14U Porter is focused on a team concept with a goal of helping every player reach their individual softball goals while monitoring their academics and preparing them for college exposure. As a “Family” member of the Acers, players will have the opportunity afforded by a nationally recognized organization.

14U '00 Green -- Kelly Kelsoe

The focus of this team will be the the beginning of the recruiting and exposure. The team will play a mix of 14u –18u tournaments with the goal of qualifying for ASA nationals or PGF Nationals. 

We are looking for players that want to get better, work extremely hard and understand “there is no I in team”.


Kelly Kelsoe, 206-396-1118
Brenna Nesper, 253-632-5077
Garret Ashby, 360-749-9762
Jim Lonsbery (pitching coach) 253-797-4888

16U '99 -- Al Culver 

Washington Acers 16A will be hosting tryouts for their 2014-2015 season. We will be working closely with the three 18U teams (shared practices) and support them in travel and showcase as needed. This is on top of our aggressive schedule.

Our plans are to play and qualify in ASA and/or PGF, go to exposure tournaments for Triple Crown, On Deck and USA Preps.

18G NW -- Amy Wilson

The Acers 18 Gold Wilson team is planning to pursue a competitive 18 Gold schedule. Our intent is to provide exposure opportunities and help girls to find the right collegiate fit from an academic, athletic and geographic perspective. This will include trips in the Fall to Texas or California and Oregon and attending the Colorado Sparkler, Valley invite, and gold level national qualifying tournaments in the summer. Pick-up opportunities within the organization could be available for some exposure tournaments.

We return nine players and are looking to add four players. All positions will be considered excluding catcher and a substantial amount of circle time will be available for the right pitcher(s).  We are looking for dedicated, hard-working, and passionate athletes that love the game of softball.

18G WC -- Mike Rogers

The Acers 18 Gold WC team is primarily focused on West Coast Travel and College Exposure.  We will play in the NW, California and Arizona in the Fall with a trip to Houston for the Ronald McDonald exposure tournament.  In the summer season, we'll compete @ the Valley Invite, various qualifiers and a tournament in Colorado.

18G Anderton -- Mark Anderton

We are primarily a recruiting/ exposure team during the fall and early spring, with an emphasis of getting college orientated players in front of prospective coaches. However in the summertime we then focus on the Champions Cup and Gold Nationals with numerous other tournaments being played.

We are looking for dedicated athletic players, with a desire and commitment to play at the highest level. They must also be willing to do more than the minimum and will sacrifice almost anything to reach their potential.